According to World Bank Report (2017), millions of children in low and middle-income countries are unable to read, write or do basic maths even after several years in school, (World Bank Report, 2017). In reality, most children in rural Nigerian communities lack the basic literacy skills and this further undermines their ability to succeed in education. TRG’s goal is to shrink this gap.

TRG is run by Corp members of the National Youth Service Scheme and retired teachers (from the local community). The first TRG library has over 200 registered children who are currently utilising this service. These children are drawn from various villages up to 5 miles away from the library.

We have partnered with local schools, parents, village heads, religious leaders, the State Ministry of Education, National Youth Service scheme, local publishers, retired teachers, the British Red Cross and several individuals in Nigeria and the diaspora. 

Our Values


Create opportunities: for young rural children to learn


Inform rural people with relevant news


Promote independence: for rural children through the culture of reading.

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